Institutional Review Board

Institutional Review Committee (IRC) was established at Scheer Memorial Adventist Hospital (SMAH) in 2018. It is recognized by National Health Research Council. It serves as the regulatory entity for research at the SMAH. It is an independent and competent body to review, evaluate and decide on the scientific and ethical merits of research proposals. It is committed to ensuring and guaranteeing the rights, dignity, safety and protection of actual or potential individuals and communities who participate in research. This respect for human participants extends to non-human subjects, plants and the environment. IRC not only deals about health related research ethics but cultivates health research culture and promote for publication among hospital employees and professionals.

IRC Members

S.NNamePosition in IRCEmailContact No.
1 Tara Jung Gurung, PhDChairmanVPACADEMICS@scheermemorial.org9808478880 / 9840426435
2 Ms. Pratima ManandharMember Secretary (Female)manandhar.p@hotmail.com9841495254
3 Dr. Shree Krishna ShresthaMembershree.shrestha@gmail.com9841785232
4 Dr. Jonathon ThorpMembercoo@scheermemorial.org9813593628
5Dr. Arun GuptaMemberar_gupta123@yahoo.com9851181393
6 Ms. Nirmala ManandharMember  (Female)manandhar61589@hotmail,com9841605115
7Ms. Rupa Laxmi ShresthMember  (Female)rbyanju@yahoo.com9841486369
8Mr. Padam Bahadur
9Mr. Kumar AdhikariCommunity Representativepastorkumar1844@gmail.com9851246062

How to apply for IRC Approval?

The principal investigator should download IRC format here, fill the application format and submit to IRC along with:

  1. References
  2. Data Collection Instruments including data collection forms, self-reports outcome measures, questionnaires etc
  3. Information Sheet and Informed Consent Form (Should be in English and also in the language of participants)
  4. List of abbreviations
  5. Recently updated Curriculum Vitae of Principal investigator and Co-investigators.
  6. For Students, approval letter from the Academic Supervisor.
  7. A commitment letter stating PI will submit a soft and hard copy of research upon the completion of the study.

IRC Application Fee

  1. Students of SMAH-CON: Free
  2. SMAH staff: Rs. 200
  3. Nepali students outside the SMAH: Rs. 2,000
  4. Nepali citizen outside the SMAH: Rs. 2,500
  5. Researchers from foreign countries: US $100

Please note that an application fee will be collected at the time the application is submitted.

Scheer Memorial Adventist Hospital,
Institutional Review Committee,
Banepa, Nepal
Phone: 011-661111, 011-661112