About Me:

I wanted to become a pediatrician because it captured my heart . I always enjoyed being around children .I appreciate the gift of being able to participate in people’s health care and be in a role of pediatrician . I want to help kids feel better and live a long and healthy life . Kids are fun , playful sincere and very trusting, unfortunately most children are not able to help themselves especially when they are sick ,I would love to always be surrounded by innocence and just give these beautiful being someone they can trust . That’s why being in a medical field as a pediatrician is very inspiring. The reward and fulfillment to do what i do is amazing.


Year Degree Institute
2023 Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology Medanta Medicity Hospital, Delhi, India
2019 PGPN Post graduate program in Pediatric Nutrition, Boston Medical Center, Boston , USA
2015 Masters Adventist Medical Center, Manila Pasay City, Philippines
2009 Bachelors Xinxiang Medical University, Henan Province, P.R China