Scheer Memorial Adventist Hospital is surrounded by picturesque views, warm, welcoming people, and deep poverty. As one of the poorest nations in the world, one third of Nepal’s population lives below the poverty line. In Banepa, Nepal, where Scheer is located, many in the region can’t afford the cost of a health care consultation, which often amounts to less than $1 U.S.

So we do things differently. At Scheer, no one is turned away because they can’t pay. People come miles around, traveling on foot from rural villages with no roads, electricity, or adequate health care. Some even come carrying sick family members on their backs because they know we’ll welcome them, regardless of finances.

Providing excellent healthcare to our community is our goal and passion, and it couldn’t be possible without donor support from generous givers around the world who also believe that our community deserves to thrive.
Hector G. Gayares 2021

Dr. Hector G. Gayares, Jr. MD, MPA, FPCS, FPCHA