helping baby

How a baby’s life was save through a training program sponsored by Centura Global Health Initiatives

The first few seconds of a baby’s life are some of the most critical moments human’s experience.  Will the baby cry?  Will the baby breathe?  These are two questions every health professional experiences while delivering a child. It is also a moment of anxious anxiety for every mother and father: will my baby breathe?

Thanks to the American Academy of Pediatrics Helping Babies Breathe neonatal resuscitation program baby Binisha, and at least 45-50 other babies, are alive today.  Through a strategic partnership with Centura Global Health Initiatives, Denver, Colorado, USA, SMAH has trained 446 healthcare providers in kavre palan chowk district in 72 health posts.

Now, back to baby Binisha. On 4 May 2018 she was born at Methinkot District Hospital, an institution we partnered with to provide HBB training.  The birth attendants had successfully completed the skills-based didactic training sessions at SMAH.  At birth, Binisha didn’t cry!  Rather than panicking, the birth attendants gathered the equipment that was provided to them at the training session, and rapidly started resuscitating the baby.  Moments, dreadful moments passed, the baby finally started to turn pink from a deathly blue color, and then, suddenly, she cried!

You see, baby Binisha was actually born pre-term and had it not been for the expert help, she would have died.  Rather, after stabilization, she was placed in an ambulance and transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at SMAH.

If it wasn’t for donors who generously supported the institution in 2017 the physical equipment, required to operate a NICU, would not have been available.  If it wasn’t for donors who generously funded HBB, the training needed to save baby Binisha may not have been provided.

It takes a global network of supporters to operate a facility like SMAH.  The institution, patients, and community are so thankful for the international support that is garnered for SMAH.  Together, we can ensure babies – like baby Binisha – live!